Our Healthy Range of Dried Fruits

We carry a wide variety of dried fruits from all over the world, that provide your family with much healthier alternatives to sweets and sugary snacks.

Make them your condiments of choice on the breakfast table where they can be added to cereals and yogurts to add taste and texture and a bit zing.

They’re also the perfect substitutes to get your kids away from salty or sugary snacks. A handful of these dried fruits is more nutritious than what kids usually eat and provides them with all the energy they need to see them to the next mealtime.

Use Dried Fruits in Baked Goods 

A number of these fried fruits can be used to raise your baked goods up to another level of flavour. Cranberries, blueberries, coconut, raisins and dates are perfect for adding extra texture and flavour to your baked goods.